Monday, November 19, 2012

Sisters for life!!

I have two great sisters! and I am so grateful that they are a part of my life.. we are all getting older and our lives are changing so fast. I hope we can all stay close as our lives change. With the Christmas season approaching it really makes you reflect on who matters in your life and that's your family and people that are close to you.. I think Christmas is a time to relax, enjoy time with your loved ones and give back to people who are less fortunate.. It seems everyone gets so entangled in the buying part of Christmas and spending money that they forget what it's all about.. I couldn't ask for anything better but two amazing sisters who have been there for me and always will be..

We are three sisters
Three sisters are we
I love each of you,
And I know you love me

We’re not always together,
Life sometimes keeps us apart.
But we're never separated
We’re in each other's heart.

Now I know we've had our troubles,
But we always get thru.
The real message is you love me,
And I also love you.

We have had lots of good times
That we'll never forget
Sometimes we worry
And sometimes we fret

But if God ever gave me
Something special you see,
It might have been the blessing of,
Three sisters are we.

The Lord above has gave me lots
Of happiness and glee
But the most special thing he did was
Make us sisters, all three.

Francis I. Gillespie

My Grandfather, My Hero

My grandfather Dennis Clewley recently turned 95 and he is still doing great.. He really inspires me to want to live to that age.. He still lives on his own and even has a girlfriend who is younger then him.. hes lived through the first world war and the second, and everything in between. He even has a 50 inch flat screen tv but hates paying the cable bill. He really knows how to save a penny since he lived through the great depression. I really look up to him and hes a great person. When I was in my teen years he use to take myself and my sisters to Toronto on the subway to Casa Loma and different places. I hope he is still around for a few more years but I know his age is catching up with him. He also has also done great service to the community providing meals on wheels and every once in a while he will play cards with some friends. His favourite restaurants are Swiss Chalet and he loves to have a beer once in a while.. He is also always willing to chat with you on the phone and its not usually a short call.. he loves to tell you the stories of his past and all the places he has traveled over the years. If he does pass away .. I will always have all the memories that remain and know that he lived a great life!

I’ll never have 
a truer friend
or ever know 
a better man.

When no one else 
could understand,
Grandpa could 
as only he can.

My Grandpa, my hero,
a protector from pain.
He is so much to me,
yet, rarely complains.

Wise and patient
and ever-forgiving,
a life without Grandpa
would scarcely be worth living.

When it feels like
I’m against the world,
I remember I’m Grandpa’s Pumpkin,
his little girl

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love my dog (BELLA) to bits!

"Bella" is her name but my dad calls her Chewy because she likes to eat everything and she even drinks beer if she can. She is quite a character and she knows it!. She's the princess of our house and our neighbourhood. My mom really loves her and shes great company. She's actually my younger sister's dog, who unfortunately wasn't able to take care of her so my parents are the owners now. She loves to go for walks and chase after the birds and squirrels or hop and run through the leaves. She will even jump for a treat and is very well trained. She's a great dog and we really love having her as part of our family.

Christmas is coming!

Several places that I have went to recently seem to already have Christmas decorations and other Christmas items on display.. and Halloween isn't even here is kind of a look into the future of what's to come very soon..

I have to say I am kinda looking forward to Christmas this year, I enjoy giving back to others and spending time with family and friends. I am not really looking forward to driving in the snow or the cold weather but oh well. With Christmas comes a new year and a new start to new beginnings!..

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Love Hate Relationship

Today I had to get my breaks fixed on my Kia to start preparing for the winter. I have to say I do really love my car but sometimes I think we have a love hate relationship. I love driving my car but hate paying for it to be repaired or fixed. I am lucky my dad knows someone who can fix cars and helps me out sometimes with repairs. Anyways it is Thanksgiving weekend and the leaves all look so great!... I love this time of year.. the weather is really starting to get cold.. my next expense on my car.. is winter tires.. not sure if I love or hate the idea...